Dr. Larson and Dr. Doyle believe we have the best staff. They absolutely love all their employees and couldn’t ask to work with better, hard-working people!


Kristine Jimenez is our Referral Coordinator who schedules patient appointments and makes sure we are contracted with their insurance. She is also our Surgery Scheduler. She has been with Sole Foot & Ankle Specialists for over 7 years. She has been working in the medical field for 30 years and still loves it!

Kristine is happily married to her husband, and in their spare time, they are juggling between their three Boston terries and their 2 granddaughters. When they aren’t doing that they enjoy going on motorcycle rides.

Kristine believes that “You only live once – make every day your best day!”.




Lindsay Willis is one of our AMAZING Medical Assistants. She rooms patients, takes vitals, assists the doctors, takes X-rays, orders supplies, and helps keep the other medical assistants in line. She has been with Sole Foot & Ankle Specialists for 8 years. She loves helping people. She believes that being compassionate and caring can make someone’s day so much better. She treats people like she would want her mother or grandmother treated. She is originally from Wisconsin and has previously worked at her family’s business and has been a tender at a bar.

Lindsay has been with her boyfriend for almost 20 years. They have a beautiful 18-year-old daughter who drives her crazier by the day!

Lindsay believes that “It is what it is, so make the best of it”.



Aspen Larson is a Medical Assistant, she rooms patients, takes vitals, assists the doctors, assists in taking X-rays, and is learning how to be a scribe. She started working at Sole Foot & Ankle Specialists over a year ago at the request of her father. She wasn’t quite sure she would like to work with her dad but quickly learned that she loves it here. The staff is amazing and so are the patients. She feels that seeing people and helping them get better is so rewarding.

Aspen is currently serving a full-time service mission in Honolulu, Hawaii for 18 months. She plans on returning to Sole Foot & Ankle Specialists when she returns in March of 2022. She loves to travel, her favorite trip was when she and her dad went to Thailand on a humanitarian trip. In her spare time, she likes spending time with her family, and friends.

Aspen believes that “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow”.