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Foot Problems You Should Not Ignore

Although foot problems are usually not life threatening there are a variety of foot problems we should not ignore. Our feet are kind of like our teeth in that you don’t notice how much you use them until they hurt. Here is a short guide on a variety of foot problems that have the potential to get worse or be something more serious than what is seen on the surface.

First and foremost don’t ignore foot pain—it’s not normal. If your pain persists, consider calling Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists. Even a generalized achy foot through the work day can be assessed and helped by the foot specialist. Podiatrists are specially trained to discern what type of pain you have, locate the source, and most importantly reduce if no eliminate the cause.

Any growth on the foot is considered abnormal. Lumps and bumps on the foot have a variety of causes. Cysts, spurs, soft tissue masses, chronic mal-aligned bones are a few examples of these bumps. All of these examples treatable and there is no need to suffer with discomfort. If you have a lump or bump on your foot it is crucial to get it looked at and assessed.

Cramping is not normal, especially in the calf region. If you find that you can only walk a few blocks with a predictable painful cramping beginning in the legs, you may have a potentially serious circulation problem. In the podiatris office a variety of assessments can be done and you can be possibly referred to a vascular specialist as needed.

Anyone with diabetes is at risk for a variety of foot problems. An annual foot check-up is a must. At these check-ups your podiatrist will asses your feet comprehensively and make recommendations as needed.

An increase or decrease in temperature can be an important indicator for conditions like infection, deep vein thrombosis, Charcot, and a variety of other possibilities.  Numbness or tingling can be added here and typically indicates nerve issues however a podiatrist is again uniquely qualified to identify the cause.  Anytime you notice a change in temperature or numbness in your feet it is critical to identify the cause.

Often times the issues that arise in the feet are minor however they go unnoticed or neglected then become a more serious problem.  Inspecting feet frequently and getting any changes quickly checked by the foot and ankle specialist can prevent major problems and complicating factors. Consider making an appointment with Dr. Jay Larson at Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists in Glendale, Arizona to discuss your foot care needs.


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