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Burning Feet?

During the summer a patient came into the office a giant blister along the entire bottom surface of each foot.  Apparently this patient went out to get the paper barefoot and burned their feet on the hot asphalt.  This unfortunate patient had no idea it happened until his wife noticed the fluid filled blisters that afternoon.  This patient suffers from a complication of diabetes call peripheral neuropathy which can cause a loss of the sensation to the bottom of the foot or variety of other uncomfortable sensations.   Oddly enough during the winter months (or any month) we can have patients in the office with a burning sensation in their feet, how can this happen?

There are many reasons someone can suffer from these burning type symptoms but the most we see come from diabetic patients, most of whom have had diabetes for many years.   As the disease progresses the effects of uncontrolled blood sugar levels on nerves get worse and cause many diabetics to suffer this burning type of pain.  Fortunately there are many treatment options such as certain topical and oral medications, surgical procedures, and custom made diabetic shoes to ease the pain.

Burning symptoms can occur in anyone with or without diabetes.  Often patients come in that have been laying in the sun that forget to use sun block on their feet that end up with burns.  Other causes can be from a condition called Morton’s Neuroma which is a nerve entrapment usually found between the 3rd and 4th toes, and can cause severe pain and burning symptoms.

Trauma to the foot or ankle can cause burning as well.  Often times when pain continues long after an injury it can be discovered that cause is the nerve along the area of the injury was damaged and tangled up in scar tissue.  Another condition is Compartment Syndrome which is usually extremely painful and caused by trauma to the lower leg.   This can produce one of the most painful burning sensations a patient can suffer.  We usually treat this as a medical emergency and is relieved with surgery.

These are a few samples of why you can get these types of symptoms.  You should know that we at Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists are well equipped to diagnose and treat your pain.

If you or someone you care for suffers from burning in the foot or ankle seek treatment as soon as possible.  Remember, foot pain is not normal and burning of the foot or ankle should be taken seriously.  Should you suffer from any of the above symptoms or have any questions please call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jay Larson at Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists.


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