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Fnding The Best Workout Shoe

If you’re like most people,  some New Years resolutions are going to take longer than 2 months to accomplish this year. If one goal involves exercise you will surely be facing a question that I am asking myself right now, “running shoes or cross-trainers?” The answer is unique for each of us but I have included some pearls to help you make the best choice to keep your feet happy all year long.

Go with running shoes if your routines are mostly jogging or walking (obviously if you are running you better be in running shoes). These shoe are designed for heel to toe motion and one can reap the benefits of the massive amount of technology that is out there in this category. In addition there are more options for the varied foot types in this shoe category.

Cross-trainers are going to benefit you if your regular exercise routines include activities with side to side motion like zumba, aerobics, boot camp, etc. It is better to have support for the variable lateral movements and weight bearing your feet will endure.

Once you decide on general shoe type what about matching your foot to the specific pair? Everyone must remember that our feet choose the shoes. You will surely regret buying shoes that you think you can cram into because they are cute or the coolest new thing. Begin by figuring out what foot type you have. The very best way to do this is to visit our office for an exam and evaluation. If you can’t make it in for an appointment,  here are a few quick tips using wear patterns as a guide.

Look at the wear patterns on your current shoes. If the outer edge is worn your most likely a supinator and you need cushioning shoes for shock absorption. If the inner edge is worn your a pronator. A pronator is commonly thought of as flat foot, but this is referring to how the foot functions not just how it looks, so a pronator may not have an overt flat foot. Pronators need more supportive or motion controlling shoes. If you have an even wear pattern on your current shoes then you most likely have a neutral foot and a slightly supportive shoe with normal cushioning is best.

Good luck to all of us as we maintain our exercise goals. If foot pain is preventing you from meeting your goals please call to schedule an appointment  with Dr. Jay Larson at Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists. Remember foot pain is not normal make an appointment today.


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