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Digital Mucoid Cyst – It Might Not Be A Blister


Most people can recall a time they had a fluid-filled blister on their toes and possibly remembering it being an unpleasant, painful experience. You did what you could to treat it by leaving it alone to heal itself, applied different ointments, or popped it using a tiny needle, and covering it with a band-aid. However, suppose after treating it, you notice it that it is not healing, or it came back in the same location. The reason it is reoccurring or not healing could be that it is not a blister, but instead a digital mucoid cyst.

About Digital Mucoid Cysts

A digital mucoid cyst can be described as a small, thin-walled sac, and containing a clear, jelly-like fluid. These cysts tend to have an appearance like a typical blister (round, smooth, clear, and possibly red around the border). The cause(s) of digital mucoid cysts are not well understood, but are potentially linked to a type of connective tissue degeneration known as myxoid generation. These cysts are commonly found on the top part of the foot near the toe nail and can vary in their size; often they are about as wide as a pea or a pencil eraser. These cysts typically do not cause pain or problems, but can become a problem if it grows, or develops closely to the toe nail. When these cysts become larger, they can become painful when you wear shoes; this is due to the pressure being applied to the cyst. The cyst can occur in patients of all ages, but are most commonly seen in people who are middle-aged or elderly.

Treatment Options Available to You

Since these cysts typically do not cause problems, no treatment may be necessary. The good news is there are treatment options available to you if it does start causing you pain. Some cysts may heal on their own, but often they require further treatment, or can reoccur over time. Additional treatment options include: changing your shoes to reduce the pressure applied to the cyst, cortisone injection, or surgical excision.  It should be noted these cysts can still reoccur after treatment over time and should be followed up by your podiatrist.


Digital mucoid cysts can present with no symptoms or cause enough pain to prevent you from walking comfortably. Due to the possibility of recurrence, it is a good idea to have it monitored by your podiatrist, and to determine the best course of treatment for you. At Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists, we have the expertise to meet your individualized needs. Do not hesitate you schedule an appointment with  Dr. Jay C. Larson at Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists located in Glendale, Arizona.


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