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Diabetes – Proper Footwear – Part 4

Wearing proper shoes and socks at all times is another very important aspect of managing diabetes.  Most articles don’t mention very much about diabetic shoes, which is surprising since they are so important.

Diabetic shoes, also called extra depth shoes or therapeutic shoes, are special shoes prescribed by your podiatrist for the management of diabetes.  Custom made orthotic inserts are another option for diabetes management.  Just like diabetic shoes, they are prescribed by your podiatrist and custom made to your feet.  One advantage is they can be switched from shoe to shoe. This allows the patient to still wear the shoes of their choice as long as they aren’t high heels or flip-flops of course!   Diabetic shoes often have a pair of custom orthotic inserts in them, as well.

Diabetic shoes are very important for the prevention of injury progression.  Wearing shoes that are too tight, or put pressure on the wrong spots can lead to pressure ulceration.  If an ulcer is not noticed or taken care of it can lead to amputation in severe cases.  Diabetic shoes and inserts make sure that this progression does not occur.  These shoes are custom fit to your foot to ensure that there is no extra pressure or rubbing where there shouldn’t be.  This decreases the number of shoe-related injuries significantly.

Proper footwear is a crucial part of diabetes management.   Schedule an appointment  with  Dr. Jay C. Larson at Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists to talk about diabetic shoes or custom inserts.  Taking an active role in managing your diabetes is a big step in the right direction.


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