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Athlete’s Foot Part 2 – Do I Have It?

Now that we’ve established the causes of Athlete’s Foot it’s time to answer the question “How do I know if I have Athlete’s Foot?”.

Athlete’s Foot can present with a wide variety of symptoms; the most common of these including: itching and burning between your toes and on the soles of your feet, itchy blisters, excessive dryness with cracking and peeling, thick and/or discolored nails and mild odor.  Of course not everyone’s presentation will be the same.  Symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the patient.    Athlete’s Foot may also be associated with a fungal infection of the nails, which can be unsightly and uncomfortable.  It is important to see your podiatrist if you are having any of these symptoms.  The sooner you can catch this fungal infection, the less likely the symptoms are to progress or spread.

Diabetic patients should be especially careful when it comes to Athlete’s Foot infections.  The excessive dryness caused by this  fungal infection can lead to cracking of the bottoms of the feet.  This could go unnoticed in a patient with Diabetic Neuropathy and possibly progress to an ulcer- a much more serious condition!  If you are a diabetic patient and suspect an Athlete’s Foot infection contact  our office as soon as possible to begin treatment.

Next week we will discuss treatment options and how to prevent Athlete’s Foot from coming back.

If you think you have symptoms of Athlete’s Foot, please call our office and make an appointment with Dr. Jay Larson with Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists in Glendale, Arizona.


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